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Meet the team

Alan Boyd

  • Over 29 years in pharmaceuticals, as a Pharmaceutical Physician beginning with Glaxo Group Research Ltd.
  • Senior positions at ICI and Zeneca Pharmaceuticals over 13 years culminating in Head of Medical Research.
  • Director of R&D at Ark Therapeutics Ltd turned initial research into five late stage development programmes in oncology, cardiovascular and metabolism indications.
  • Started Boyd Consultants in 2005 to support early stage companies and University groups. Many clients in Europe, North America and Japan in medicine development.
  • —Vice-President at Pharmaceutical Medicine Faculty of Royal College of Physicians.
  • Honorary Professor in College of Medical and Dental Sciences at the University of Birmingham, in recognition of expertise in medicine development.
  • Previous and current involvement with inhalation projects in respiratory and anti-infective indications.

John Dixon

  • Over 36 years experience in Pharmaceutical R&D, particularly in Respiratory, Inflammation & CVS
  • Head of Medicinal Chemistry Fisons (20yrs), VP Preclinical R&D Astra Charnwood (4 yrs), VP Discovery AstraZeneca Charnwood (9 yrs) all including inhaled approaches to Respiratory Disease.
  • As VP at AstraZeneca Charnwood, delivered 35 candidate drugs, mainly in respiratory area, majority by inhalation.
  • Since 2008, as director of JD International Consulting Ltd. consults on discovery and early development in most therapy areas including inhaled respiratory approaches in all types of organisations around the world.
  • Awarded honorary D.Sc. from Loughborough University for contribution to science and community.

Tim Hammond

  • —35 years in Pharmaceutical R&D with wide experience of toxicology from candidate selection through clinical development to market authorisation.
  • Experience in many therapeutic areas including oncology, respiratory, inflammation, neuroscience and cardiovascular.
  • —Specific experience in development and registration, of respiratory drugs for asthma.
  • Developed inhalation toxicology as a discipline within pharmaceutical toxicology and led toxicological evaluation of many inhalation projects.
  • —Strong understanding of difficulties in delivering and measuring dose and deposition within inhalation toxicology. Linking dosimetry to deposition and anatomy of lung to understand toxicity and species sensitivity.
  • Over 10 years experience as member of AZ first time in man executive committee approving all first entry into humans.
  • Honorary Professor at Universities of Liverpool and Birmingham, UK.
  • —Fellow of Royal College of Pathologists, Past President of British Toxicology Society.
  • Ex VP of Pre Clinical Safety for AZ.

Douglas Hay

  • —Pharmacologist and Drug Discovery expert
  • —20+ years experience in Pharmaceutical R&D in Respiratory and Inflammatory disease therapeutics
  • 20 years in GSK, including VP, COPD Drug Discovery Group. Over 25 compounds selected for development, with 2 NDAs filed and 1 compound completing Phase III trials
  • —Author of over 100 reviewed publications, over 40 chapters and reviews
  • Biotech experience: Senior VP, Drug Discovery at Galleon Pharmaceuticals
  • Since 2009 President of Hay Drug Discovery Consulting, LLC providing scientific, strategic and operational input for diverse BioPharmaceutical companies, including several in inhaled therapeutics

Phillip Haywood

  • Over 31 years industry experience in pharmaceutical product development particularly inhalation and intransal products.
  • Senior positions in Glaxo/GlaxoWellcome including head of respiratory analysis department and inhalation product development department UK. Senior member of departments during CFC/HFA transition and development of Servent, Flovent and Seretide/Advair. Member of Diskus/Accuhaler development team.
  • More recently Head of Inhalation and Device Development Department at Novartis responsible for CMC aspects of development.
  • Over 7 years experience as a consultant in inhalation and intranasal product development with several large pharma companies, device companies and small biotechs.
  • Leads contract development teams in pursuit of clients’ product targets and advises on operational, tactical and strategic aspects of inhalation and intranasal approaches.
  • Member of several scientific advisory boards as product development advisor.
  • Member of the Drug Delivery to the Lung organising committee.

Bob Humphries

  • 32 years with Fisons, Astra and AstraZeneca as pharmacologist, scientific team leader and cross functional project team leader.
  • —Led discovery teams in discovery and early progression of anti-thrombotics BRILINTA and cangrelor.
  • Led cross functional team responsible for early development of AZ bronchodilator and GR agonist projects including developing strategy for novel inhaled combinations, with inherent development and regulatory complexities
  • Former VP of Inhaled Projects in AZ Respiratory and Inflammation. Responsible for maintaining project delivery and overall strategy of Inhaled Projects, including revision of Disease Target Product Profiles for COPD
  • Experience of collaborative working in partnered early development inhalation projects and successful out-licensing.
  • Since 2012, leads VisionRealisation Ltd helping project teams translate ideas to credible, achievable plans to realise potential opportunities to change patients’ lives.

Joan Alberti - Associate Member

  • Over 20 years experience in Pharmaceutical R&D, recently Respiratory and Inflammation, including 10 years as Head of Discovery and Development ADME at Almirall R&D, Barcelona.
  • DMPK expert in respiratory and inflammation Development Teams. Specific experience in development and registration of asthma and COPD drugs.
  • Participated in delivery of 7 respiratory candidate drugs for inhalation and oral routes. Developed inhalation DMPK with respect to delivery, lung retention and efficacy as a discipline within all Projects.
  • Over 10 years experience in predicting human PK and PK/PD relationships for first human studies.
  • Strong understanding of importance of physicochemical properties and inhalation potential. Strong background in metabolism and pharmacokinetic processes applied to both Discovery and Development.
  • Currently associate Professor at University Pompeu Fabra and University of Barcelona.

Chris Wallis – Associate Member

  • 35 years experience at GSK and heritage companies.
  • —Director of Synthetic Chemistry, heading department working on 30 inhaled and intranasal respiratory products.
  • —Successfully delivered manufacturing route and supporting regulatory package for intranasal steroid, Veramyst.
  • In 2001, appointed Chemical Development Liaison to Respiratory Drug Discovery at GSK. Core member of matrix teams accountable for Chemical Development deliverables across entire GSK portfolio of inhaled, intranasal and oral products.